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Welcome to 2021.

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What is “the church”? Acts 2

Acts was written by Luke who goes right to the heart of the creation and
purpose of the body of believers who make up “the church”. The church was
given the commission to tell the world the Good News.
What is the Good News? It is the news of our redemption from the power of
sin and from the enemy of our soul, Satan. God is Holy and the stain of our sin
separates us from our relationship with God and eternal life in heaven.
Through the sacrifice of Jesus (God in the flesh) who willingly gave His life on
the cross to pay our sin debt, the way of salvation is open to all who believe.
How do we spread the Good News? We need help. And that help is from the
Holy Spirit. Luke clearly describes the Spirit’s empowering of the first church.
The Good News brings the Light of Christ into the world. It brings deliverance
from the hopelessness of life without God. As we receive by faith the Truth,
our eyes are opened to see why we are here, what our purpose is and where
we will spend eternity. In the meantime we serve and love one another
wherever God has us. For His purpose, our good, and His glory.
We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, and
the primary work is the spreading of the gospel, that we may lead others to
everlasting life.

Message given by Russ Rathier, NEBC
(Interim Pastor)

Sunday service 11 a.m.,

856 Moscow Road, Moscow, VT.

Masks and distancing observed.

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