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May 19, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Spiritual warfare: Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. In this chapter of Ephesians, God is reassuring the believer that all of us have been issued armor that has been designed by the creator himself. However, this armor will do you no good unless you put it on. Law enforcement officers are issued a bullet proof vest. It will do them no good if they leave it at the station, thinking it’s not needed in Mayberry. Unfortunately, too many believers make light of spiritual warfare.  They fail to put on the full armor of God leaving themselves vulnerable to the attacks of the devil. We need to put on all the armor so when the adversary strikes, and the dust settles you will still be standing.

It seems that our society is fascinated with good versus evil. We will flock to the movie house wondering will our superhero once again save the day or will his adversary triumph. All throughout the Bible we see this spiritual warfare taking place. Satan rebelled against God. God cast him out of heaven with one third of the angels. From that moment on, the devil has been trying to destroy God’s prized possession mankind. God’s adversary is a defeated foe. Satan’s days are numbered. In the meantime, God has given us the protection we need to stand against the wiles of the devil.

May 12, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Godly Mothers Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.” In this passage of Scripture, a beautiful picture is painted of a godly wife and mother. We are living in a time when society is redefining what it means to be a mother and father. The Bible tells us that we are to honor our father and our mother. There is one thing that all mankind have in common and that is we all have a mother and a father. Whether one believes in a creator or that we just evolved, we all had a mother.

Motherhood is one of the most important occupations on planet Earth. It’s been said, “no gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you----life.”  We still need the old-fashioned Bible way to reproduce.  We still need mothers and fathers. For most Bible believing Christians, God’s biblical definition of the family still stands. We are commanded to honor our father and mother and the best way to do that, is to live a Christ centered life.

Here are four good ways to do just that. In everything put Jesus first. Secondly, everything you do, do as unto the Lord. Thirdly, in everything give thanks. Fourthly, in everything magnify the cross because the sinless Savior paid our sin debt in full and gave us a home in heaven. Godly mothers still worship the creator.

May 5, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Workplace behavior: Ephesians 6:5 “Bondservants, be obedient to those who are your masters according to the flesh, with fear and trembling, in sincerity of heart, as to Christ.” We have been looking at the Christian’s behavior in society, in the family and today in the workplace. Christians are to have an attitude of gratitude all the time. We are to willingly submit ourselves to others. Jesus told his disciples if a soldier asks you to carry his backpack a mile, willingly carry it two. This type of thinking is much easier to talk about than to demonstrate. For most of us and myself included it is much easier to have a submissive spirit around people I agree with, than those I don’t. It seems that we’re all too willing to point out unacceptable behavior in others while overlooking our own. It’s good to remember when you point your finger at someone there are three pointing at you. Jesus said, he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Unfortunately, too many Christians have lost their witness at the workplace because of their behavior. Believers should be one of the best employees at the workplace. If you find yourself always talking about the bad qualities of your boss, do yourself a favor and your boss, quit or better yet change your behavior. Your Christian witness demands it. Believer, God has you there as his ambassador to the workplace. You are to work as unto the Lord

April 28, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Submitting: Ephesians 5:21 “Submitting to one another in the fear of God.” Christians are to have a submitting spirit to each other and to those outside of the household of faith. A society that loses its ability to freely submit to others for the common good of all, will soon reap the whirlwind of anarchy. The same goes for the Christian community. However, the Christian community willingly places themselves under others out of reverence for Christ. Jesus set the example when he humbly laid aside all his glory coming to earth as the God-man. The following verses in chapter 5 can seem very out of date and even archaic to today’s mindset. Telling wives to submit, husbands to love and children to obey is for many to invading of a person’s personhood.

Jesus never forces his way upon an individual and neither should we born-again Christians. In love, we must continue to proclaim the word of God. We don’t have the right to change the word of God. We need to let the word of God change us. We need to submit to the authority of Scripture. It’s been said someone’s rules will rule. As society seems to be racing down a track at full throttle toward ‘out with the old in with the new,’ we will find ourselves right back where we started. We’ll be again looking within for the answers to life’s questions, rather than submitting to the author of the Bible.

April 21, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Fact or Fiction: Matthew 28:6 "He is not here; for He is risen,” Seven things one should consider before discounting the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. 

1. The obvious: The empty tomb.  However, some might say the body was stolen.  But having a sealed tomb with armed guards makes this highly unlikely.

2.  Hush money: The guards were paid off to keep their mouths shut to the truth and instead tell the world that they were derelict in their responsibilities as soldiers.

3.  Prophecy fulfilled: Jesus foretold of His suffering, humiliation, death and His resurrection on the third day.  A true prophet’s prophecy must come true or he is not a prophet.

4.  First to see Him were women: This also proves the inspiration of Scripture. First century men would not have said the first witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus were women.  It truly was a boys club then.

5.  Eyewitnesses: Jesus was seen by over 500 people during a 40 day period.  

6. Changed disciples: During the crucifixion, His disciples were heading for cover in fear of their own lives.  Surprisingly, something changed their minds completely.  It was the resurrection!  The Disciples would end up giving their lives for the sake of the gospel.  It seems rather absurd to think these men would die to keep a lie alive. 

7.  Changed worship: To the first day of the week.  This by itself was a monumental change. Fact or fiction you decide.

March 24, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Walk in wisdom Ephesians 5:18 “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit.” This passage of Scripture is not a suggestion it is a command. Believers are not to drink past the point of moderation. Personally, I think it is wise to be abstinent. Engaging in mind altering substances can compromise your Christian witness. I’ve never known of these substances making someone wiser. In fact, it leads to just the opposite. Unfortunately, many people feel that they can handle it, but it handles them. Christians need to guard against losing their witness before the watching world. We cannot walk through this life holding the things of this world in one hand and holding the things of heaven in the other. The Bible says we cannot serve two masters.

Believers cannot walk in godly wisdom apart from the Holy Spirit of God. This passage of Scripture implies that it is a continuing filling of the Holy Spirit in an individual’s life that enables him to walk in wisdom. It’s been said, the Holy Spirit cannot be located as a guest in a house because he invades everything. When anyone comes to Christ it is a total surrender of his life to God. We must give God free access to every area in our life. When the Holy Spirit reveals an area in our lives that needs changing, we must be willing to change. That’s a walk of wisdom.

March 17, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Wise Believers Ephesians 5:17 “Therefore do not be unwise but understand what the will of the Lord is.” It’s been said, when God measures a man, he puts the tape around the heart – not the head. Unfortunately, some believers could be classified as a “know it all” or a “big head”. God doesn’t need our advice. God requires obedient hearts surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus’s earthly ministry demonstrated he came to serve not to be served. During Jesus’s darkest hour he cried out not my will but yours Father be accomplished. Wise believers will follow Jesus’s example.

Jesus stayed true to the word of God. Ephesians chapter 5 is full of how-to’s for the believer. That old saying you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink applies also to those that hear the word of God but reject it. God does not force himself on anyone. The Bible says that faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. I shared with the congregation God wants us to walk circumspectly. It’s difficult to be watchful if you’re just sleepwalking through life. Believers are to be aware of their surroundings. 50 years ago, when I took driver’s ed we were told to drive defensively. Watch out for the other guy. Wise believers will do the same. Always being mindful of our surroundings not letting anything distract us from being wise servants understanding and doing the will of God.  

March 10, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Children of light- Ephesians 5:8 “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”  Have you ever heard the old saying being hoodwinked or they pulled the wool over my eyes? I'm afraid far too many Christians have learned the religious talk without the Christlike walk. We know all too well how to whitewash the outside. Then our inter-being is a stench in the nostrils of God.  Since the spirit of God lives in the believer, it would stand to reason that, some serious changes would take place.  This passage of Scripture teaches us that children of light want to do what is acceptable to the Lord, not because we have to, but because we want to.

Christians are to be the light of the world. Christians should be the most loving, caring and forgiving people on planet Earth. Remember the saying, what would Jesus do?  The best place to find an answer to that question is to spend time walking through the Scriptures. I encouraged the congregation to remember we all once walked in darkness. Let’s walk like Jesus. Let’s live our lives in front of our neighbors and friends in a way that attracts people to the Savior. We need to do all we can to bring people to Jesus. Remember it’s not our job to change people. Only Jesus can do that.  Jesus is the light of the world.  Jesus dispels darkness.

March 03, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Watch your conduct: Ephesians 5:3 “But fornication and all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not even be named among you, as is fitting for saints.” It’s been said, conduct is the unspoken sermon. Have you ever heard someone say do what I say, not what I do? Unfortunately, parents that use this motto will be sending very confusing messages to their children. The Bible tells believers to train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. I often say, someone’s rules will rule. Maybe I should say it like this, someone’s conduct will rule. Our society is trying to determine what conduct is acceptable for us and what is not. We, in essence, are just writing a new rule book. However, the Bible is very clear as to what is fitting for believers. We are to live lives that will bring glory to God. We are to be imitators of God. God’s words match his doings and so should ours.

I encouraged the congregation to do four things this week. The first being to watch your reputation. Remember your sins will find you out. There is a day all of us will give an accounting to God. All sin can be forgiven.  However, sin has consequences. Believers need to watch their talk. God hears all. Believers need to watch what they listen to and believers need to watch their relationships. Watch your conduct!

February 24, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Waiting: Isaiah 40:31 “But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength…” Waiting is not always our best virtue or at least not mine.  Have you ever said something like: Lord aren’t You listening, I need some relief, I can't take this anymore, or if you really loved me you would do something about my circumstances. 

Remember when you went on a long trip in the car with the children.  You probably heard them say something like: Are we there yet, How much longer, I’m hungry, I’m crowded, I want to go home.  Tell Junior to stay on his side. Waiting or being patient may have been easy for you, but not for a lot of us.  It is quite a challenge, because “I want, what I want, when I want it”. This passage of scripture assures us if we wait on the Lord.  He will, renew our strength.  One of the joys of the Christian walk is to come to the point; we realize that the Creator of the cosmos knows exactly what we need and when to renew our strength. God is always on time. We Christian’s are not immune to challenges, heartache or pain.

Waiting on the Lord means not telling God to catch up with my plans but, that I am going to start following His.  Jesus said, if anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.

February 17, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

The Love chapter:1Corinthians 13:4 “Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up.” This Scripture is one of those that believers should read on a regular basis. The Corinthian church was emphasizing spiritual gifts and at the same time neglecting the most important. God is not impressed by our accomplishments or our sacrifices. God is more concerned with how we get where we are, than where we are. You may have heard; the end does not justify the means. If we are not demonstrating the love of God to those around us then everything, we do profits us nothing. It’s like the gentleman that spent his whole life climbing the ladder of success, only to realize when he reached the top, it was leaning against the wrong wall. It’s been said, love is the greatest gift one person can give another.

This is not one of those passages that is hard to understand. I challenged our congregation, when reading this Scripture that every place it referred to love put Jesus’s name there. Then go back and put your name every place it referred to love. Hopefully it’ll help you realize that your love relationship with Jesus may be like a dead battery in your car. It needs jumped off. Admitting your need for Jesus’s help is the first step to a love relationship with Jesus that will transform your life for eternity

February 10, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Gideons: Romans 10:17 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Our guest speaker this week was Sanford Johnson with Gideons International. Mr. Johnson is from Orange, VT. His personal, testimonies of giving the Bible to people and that of others was very inspiring and challenging.

The Gideon’s International started distributing the Word of God in 1908. Today, they have more than 269,500 members—and an untold number of supporters—in more than 200 countries across the globe. These dedicated individuals give their time and money to make it possible for others to learn about the love of God by giving them access to His Word. In fact, they have placed or distributed more than 2 billion Bibles. More than 81 million copies of God's Word were distributed last year. On average, more than two copies of God's Word are distributed per second.  To learn more about this wonderful ministry go to their website.

Why is the Bible so important? Because most of us form our philosophy of life and the hereafter based upon something. If you are one of those that hopes there is an afterlife, it might be pertinent to know what the Creator of life has to say. That’s why God gave us the Bible.  Portions of the Bible have been around about 3500 years. I would encourage you to read the Bible but with a word of caution. It’s a book that will read you

February 03, 2019  ~ Pastor Doug Christy

Are you an imitator? Ephesians 5:1-2 “Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma.” People make a living by being an impersonator of other people. Some people my age have seen an Elvis Presley impersonator that caused our heads to turn and say he looks just like Elvis. Knowing he’s not the real deal he’s a pretender. We like to think that we are all trail blazers but, most of us are copycats of someone or something that has influenced us deeply. I bet Sunday night as you watched the fans in the stands at the Super Bowl, you had no trouble identifying who they wanted to win.

Paul is telling us, in this passage of Scripture, that the watching world should be able to identify us as fans of God. Unfortunately, to many Christians have the right God talk but their walk does not match their talk. The Bible is quite clear followers of Christ walk in his love. I challenged the congregation to watch their walk, God is. Your life may be the only Bible some people will ever read. Do they see us as imitators of God or imposters? I shared some characteristics of God that ought to be evident to others. They should see love in action through kindness, forgiveness, serving and sacrificing all for others.

~ Pastor Doug Christy 

Stewardship 1Corinthians 4:2 “Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful. Matthew 6:21 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” A steward is someone that has been entrusted with another’s property or possessions to manage. Christians are obligated to serve Jesus as his managers here on this earth. Every aspect of the Christian’s life is to bring glory and honor to God, as we have been entrusted with the holy trusteeship of the gospel.

The Christian steward must first understand, God is the creator of everything and everything belongs to him. There is nothing the Christian has that he can truly claim is his. In our humanistic society we tend to place man at the center of the universe and God as being a figment of our imagination. Therefore, to some; Christian stewardship seems cultic. However, for the Christian he has willingly put himself under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Everything the believer has is to be used to bring glory to God.

Here are the three T’s of stewardship. The first T is treasure. Some people have the idea that all we do is ask for money. God is not interested in what is his already. He wants your heart. The Scripture says find your treasure and you’ll find your heart. The second T is talent. The believer should be using his talents for the Lord. The third T is time. Christians should use our time wisely

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